Annual Day of Puppetry - Workshop: Marionette Constuction and Manipulation

As a part of the Annual Day of Puppetry, the Detroit Puppeteers Guild invite you to take a closer look into marionette construction and manipulation in a workshop lead by the artists of the National Marionette Theatre. The Syrotiaks have been building and performing with marionettes since 1967 and offer a depth of knowledge of the craft. If you've ever been curious about the techniques that go into bringing stringed puppets to life, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss! Workshop is free, but registration is required. Please use link to the left. Ages 12 and older. 

Formed in 1949, the Detroit Puppeteers Guild has been active in the Metropolitan Detroit area - presenting festivals, performances, workshops, lectures and Guild events, many of which the public may attend. Membership in the Guild is open to any adult interested in learning more about the lively art of puppetry. There is a youth category as well, serving those who are 12 to 17. Information about joining the Guild can be obtained from the Membership Chairperson, Michael Deller, at A membership flyer can be found at

The Guild is chartered by the Puppeteers of America, incorporated, an organization that encourages its local Guilds to offer an annual Day of Puppetry as a form of outreach to the community.