Director's Forword
Artists Take On Detroit - Projects for The Tricentennial

With "Artists Take on Detroit: Projects for the Tricentennial," the Detroit Institute of Arts continues its celebration of the city’s three-hundredth anniversary. For this project, the museum invited a number of artists to create installations that "take on" a challenging subject: the large and diverse city of Detroit. The artists selected use a wide variety of media including sculpture, painting, dance, and video, to explore aspects of the city’s geography and history, its natural grandeur, and its industrial achievement.

Given the nature of these projects, rather than the traditional publication, we have opted to produce a Web-based catalogue, the flexibility of which matches the open-ended nature of the works on view and allows us to convey more than the visual aspects of selected works.

Our thanks go to the curators of the exhibition and authors of the catalogue, MaryAnn Wilkinson and Rebecca Hart.

Most particularly, I would like to express my appreciation to the artists, who have contributed their "takes" on Detroit and, in doing so, heightened our perception of the city we live in.

Graham W. J. Beal
Director, The Detroit Institute of Arts

Exterior Photo of the DIA