Artists Take On Detroit - Projects for The Tricentennial
Ronit Eisenbach and Peter Sparling

Fast Forward, Play Back

This installation takes inspiration from Dossin Elementary School in northwest Detroit, which dancer/choreographer Sparling attended in the 1950s. His memories of childhood were awakened when he returned to the school for a year-long residency. Architect Eisenbach evokes a sense of this typical public school building with an architectural structure made of salvaged slate and fabricated steel that creates a corridor where videos are projected. Five monitors, recessed among blackboards along one wall, show montages of school children and dancers. Etched on the opposite blackboards is an historical account of Detroit’s founding. By turns, chalk writing by children and other community members will cover all the blackboard surfaces.

Eisenbach extends the reference with imagery from Dossin captured on photo-sensitive Mylar panels; the space reminds us that the public school is a place layered with individual and collective memory. Sparling with his dance company and Terri Sarris through her video production seek to reproduce the intersection between school as remembered and the community of Dossin’s present students.

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Ronit Eisenbach and Peter Sparling
with Terri Sarris
Fast Forward, Play Back

Installation, 2001

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