Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection
The Olnick Spanu Web site is essentially an online version of the exhibition catalog, including biographies and images for each artist in the collection (even works not pictured in the printed catalog), brief histories of glass workshops, a glossary of glass types and techniques, and essays. Also included on this Web site is a page of links to other internet sites where one can find artists’ personal web pages, sites for galleries, museums, booksellers, publishers and glass shops, as well as additional press and information.

Corning Museum of Glass
, Corning, New York
The Corning Museum of Glass is home to the world’s most comprehensive and celebrated collection of glass. Corning’s Web site provides not only information on ongoing events at the museum, but it also includes helpful resources on glass – of glass production in general and specific pieces in its collection. An online Glass Glossary contains “definitions of words and phrases that describe glassmakers' materials, techniques, tools, and products.” A Resource on Glass, found on the Web site and also available for download, contains “information collected in response to questions most often asked by teachers and students.” Look under the ‘Research, Teach & Learn’ menu for these two sources.

Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington
To find valuable information on everything glass – from the science of glass to glass blowing and glass art – look under the ‘Education’ menu (located at the top of the homepage), and click on the link to the ‘School of Glass.’ Numerous links on the left side of this page will take you to the glass resources.

British Glass, Sheffield, United Kingdom
“Through this Web site you'll be able to learn more about the world of glass, how it's made, how it's used and how difficult it would be to live without it.” In addition to being a specialized resource for British glass manufacturers, this Web site also contains concise information on the history of glass, different types of glass and glass creation, as well as a general description of the characteristics of glass as a substance.