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Charles Sheeler, American, 1883-1965, Industry, 1932; chromogenic print reproduced from the original in the The Art Institute of Chicago, Julien Levy Collection, Gift of Jean and Julien Levy.

This image is a large scale photographic recreation of an original mural created by Charles Sheeler for the exhibition Murals by American Painters and Photographers at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1932. Sheeler, along with other American artists, was invited to submit a three-part composition based on themes related to life after World War I. Sheeler used four different Rouge photographs to create the imagery for this mural which reflected American industry.

Although the purpose of the exhibition was to generate mural commissions for artists, Sheeler never received a commission. The 1932 mural has never been located, but a small original study, still survives in the photography collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. This was taken from the original study and is on view at the DIA.