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Violinist and Young Woman Edgar Degas
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Violinist and Young Woman (70.167) — Edgar Degas

Volunteer Council Board of Directors

Volunteer Council Board of Directors 2014–2015


Chairman, Frank Petersmark (GS)
Vice-Chairman, Amy Music (GS)
Recording Secretary, Sara Frank (IPV)
Corresponding Secretary, Beatrice Smits (IPV)
Treasurer, Robert Batistoni (GS)



Detroit Film Theater Ushers, Chairman – Annette Januszczak (DFTU)
Vice-Chairman - Susan Alterman (DFTU)

Gallery Information, Chairman – Linda Knight (GI)
Vice-Chairman - Christine Jann (DFTU,GI)

Gallery Service, Chairman – Cynthia Mies (DFTU/GS)
Vice-Chairman - Clif Levin (GS)

Interpretive Programs Volunteers, Chairman - Gillian Best (IPV)
Vice-Chairman - Deb Coomes, Lori Grosso (IPV)

Museum Shop, Chairman - Bernell Montford (MS)
Vice Chairman - Beth Moran (MS)

Staff Aides, Chairman - Ellen Stephens (SA)
Vice-Chairman - Mary Ann Carmichael (GS, SA)


Hospitality DIA, Chairman, Michael Chall (DFTU, GS)
Vice-Chairman - David Galli (GI, IPV))

Records and Awards, Chairman - Rosemary Gugino (GI, GS, SA)

Volunteer Placement, Chairman – Ellen Kulie (DFTU)
Vice-Chairman - Danielle Cheriez (DFTU) 

Volunteer Publications, Chairman - vacant
Vice-Chairman - vacant



Emeritus - Cassandra Rodger (MS)

Honors & Recognition - Donna Grant (SA)

Noel Night - Susan Alterman (DFTU)

Photography - Pat Cavanaugh (DFTU/SA)

Publicity - Peter Milne (SA)


 Parliamentarian, Leslie Lazzerin (IPV)



Nominating Committee 2014 - 2015

Chairman, Mary Cafferty (IPV)

David Galli (GI/IPV)
Cathy Roumell (DFTU)

Allison Smith (SA)
Susan Sovel (MS)


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