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Reeds and Cranes Suzuki Kiitsu
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Reeds and Cranes (79.28.1) — Suzuki Kiitsu

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Diego M. Rivera

This was painted over 50 years ago but still has resonance for what is happening in today's economy, not only in Detroit but all over the world. Seeing this mural has been on my bucket list for 13 years.

Animals in a Landscape

Franz Marc

The colors are amazing and the abstraction fun to work out. As a fellow animal lover, I appreciate his ideals on animals. I could sit on a bench and look at this piece for a long time.

Edvard Munch, Moonlight

Besides the wonderful use of the woodcut medium, he is able to exemplify what is often the loneliness of the human existence.

Leisure Hours

John Everett Millais

I love this painting because it reminds me of me and my sister.


Agnolo Bronzino

The way the artist portrayed the beautiful silver gown was so realistic. The use of light and dark details really draws me in. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces that I will always remember.


James Abbott McNeill Whistler

I feel like I'm there in that moment, basking in the afterglow of fireworks. The noise and excitement are over, and a calm sets in as the last sparks disappear. It's so beautiful!


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

I find myself not looking at a painting so much as feeling emotion on canvas. Kirchner has captured a sense of melancholy loneliness that soothes and heals. A harsh reality cloaked in beauty.


Pablo Picasso

Picasso seems to capture a very sad moment in her life. I love how he identifies with what the young women is experiencing. I love it because it seems to capture the essence of the moment.


Pablo Picasso

The complementary colors really draw me. The picture has an engaging texture and curious shapes that make me want to decipher what the painting is trying to convey.

The Beach Hat

Robert Cozad Henri

The intensity of emotion on the woman's face is so communicative of her relationship to the painter, as is his treatment of her. You can tell they love each other without knowing that she is his wife.


William Adolphe Bouguereau

The Nutgathers reminds me of my friend and myself. When I moved to Detroit at the age of twelve, I missed her.

Flight into Egypt

Henry Ossawa Tanner

I love this painting because it feels as though you were there. You feel what's happening even though you're seeing it on the canvas. I can't explain it. It's just incredible.


Max Ernst

It looks like a robot wearing a jester's hat and singing. Robots don't usually sing for joy, but this one does.


Vincent Willem van Gogh

This is the symbol of the DIA for me; I look for it every time I come. The eyes draw you in and give a window into the troubled soul within.


Claude Monet

Monet captures the common experience of moving out of darkness into bright sunlight, surprising your eyes with color, yet not being able to clearly see a person hidden in shadow.

The Wedding Dance

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

It just makes me feel happy. I like the way that the artist depicted the average person. It has levity, joy and exuberance. Every time I visit, I stop to see it just because it lifts my spirits.

The Wedding Dance

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

I feel like I'm catching a glimpse into a moment of merriment from 400 years before I was born. Life was so hard then, and I'm glad the folks had some opportunities for joy.

The Veiled Lady

Giovanni Maria Benzoni

I find it hard to imagine that something made out of hard rock could create a masterpiece of sculpture beyond anything I have ever seen. It is truly inspiring and worth knowing more about!!!


Pablo Picasso

Even as such a young man, Picasso conveyed a unique understanding of human emotion. That he painted a masterpiece at 21 reminds me of the power, beauty, and potential of youth.

The Thinker

Auguste Rodin

It projects man's strength and vulnerability; how our mind may wander in our vast internal ocean of thoughts...Yet we find it right here in Detroit! Now THAT'S awesome.

The Chinese Emperor

It's colorful, whimsical, and encourages one to think of what the figures are depicting. I'd love to hear a child's interpretation of the work. Much to imagine here.


Paul Klee

I like Paul Klee's work because it is whimsical, inventive, and I like his use of soft colors.

Head of a Woman

This painting was made 2000 years ago. It's amazing to me that I feel like I can look into the woman's eyes and see someone who lived that long ago in a place so far from here. I feel connected to this ancient person.

Sakyamuni Emerging from the Mountains

The way he's posed, his chin resting on his knee, you can visualize what peace in a human being looks like. Somehow the artist captured that. He looks it and I feel it by looking at him.

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