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Hummingbirds and Orchids Martin Johnson Heade
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Hummingbirds and Orchids (47.36) — Martin Johnson Heade

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Renee Sintenis

It is cool and very nice. It's the only thing I can touch.

Gothic Armor

Lorenz Helmschmied

They wear lots of armor.


Claude Monet

The light and use of colors, his style of impressionism seemed to always be light and airy, happy and peaceful. It changes the mood, especially if you love the spring and flowers.

Detroit Industry, North Wall

Diego M. Rivera

It is such an in-depth piece, with so many layers. I see something new in it every time I come. I am inspired and awestruck by his sheer genius, and look forward to visiting it each time I come.


Vincent Willem van Gogh

It shows his eccentric and innovative style of painting and also shows his self-image. This painting has been one of my favorite's since the age of 9 and my heart stopped when I saw it displayed here!


Jacob Isaaksz van Ruisdael

Beautiful rainbow from storm clouds to peaceful solitude.....


Henri Gervex

The people at the table are drinking and smoking, reading. They are sitting together, but yet are separate in their feelings; thus they sit isolated from each other. It is the human condition.


Renee Sintenis

Every visitor can touch the donkey. I give donkey a hug every time I visit! :-)

View of Le Crotoy from Upstream

Georges Pierre Seurat

Since the first time I saw it as a teenager, I felt as if I could climb through that window and disappear in thought along the shore.

Dolphin Sofa


It looks comfortable, and it's a very nice looking couch.


Agnolo Bronzino

Her silk dress looks real, like you can reach out and touch it. It looks 3D.

Detroit Industry, South Wall

Diego M. Rivera

Its a stunning piece on so many levels. The overall interplay between industry and nature, the glory of accomplishment and grind of manufacturing as well as the good and evil of its effects is amazing.


Diego M. Rivera

Not only does it bring our main industry to life, but it brings in the balance that we all need to find. Between work, culture, and family. Without that balance there is no true life...

Grandma's Hearthstone

John Haberle

When I walked into the room, it just caught my attention because it popped out, the colors went together and made this beautiful painting.

Georg Brandes at the University in Copenhagen

Harald Slott-Moller

When you look the sculpture Seated Woman, you can tell she is definitely in love with this strong figure. The black and white composition doesn't allow your eyes to ignore his strong, powerful presence.

Sakyamuni Emerging from the Mountains

I love how Sakyamuni is both restful and alert, brimming with both ease and strength. It's been 800 years since an artist shaped this sculpture. I'm moved by the traces of red paint that last and last.


Frederic Edwin Church

It is very relevant to our today because of the fighting and the wars between countries. Our planet is is now starting to die. This inspires me to take care of mother earth.


Claude Monet

It was amazing to see this piece in person, as I have always loved it. I remember seeing a large print of it hung on the wall in my high school painting classes. It's captivating.


Frederic Edwin Church

It reminds me of a faraway place or a prehistoric, untouched Earth. The smoke from the volcano is beautiful over the sunset. I can imagine myself there just enjoying the Earth.


William Adolphe Bouguereau

It's really simple and realistic. The girls don't look like they have a care in the world. It's fantasic.


Frederic Edwin Church

It took my breath away. You can just feel the warmth emitting off the canvas.

Gothic Armor

Lorenz Helmschmied

I love the suits of armor because they remind me of princesses and knights.

The Pool

John Henry Twachtman

When I was a child and would stay home sick from school, there was always this show of a man showing you how to paint, and he painted "happy trees." The trees in this painting remind me of those days.

The Beach Hat

Robert Cozad Henri

Henri's flowing brushwork captures not only the freedom of the pigment, but the personality of his subject; I'm assuming the woman is someone he cared deeply for.

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