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  • Please note all school visits require two weeks notice to schedule.
  • Guided visits can be scheduled to begin at 9:30AM. Click here to view museum hours.

Program Options

Educators may request a Shaping Identity tour with an emphasis on one area below. Ability to accommodate requested areas of emphasis may be impacted by attendance and gallery traffic on the date of your group's visit.

Learning to Look (Grades 2 - 4)

What types of choices do artists make? How do those choices influence how we experience an artwork? Students consider these questions as well as how artworks can help us connect to our thoughts and feelings and to the experiences of others. (45-minutes)

Shaping Identity – Who are we?

  • Shaping Identity - General Tour

    Explore works of art from around the world spanning thousands of years to investigate how people of diverse cultures use art to define, reinforce, and communicate cultural, national, and personal identity.

  • Shaping Identity with African American Art

    Explore works of art from around the world and see how African American artists from the 19th century to our own time have created art that reflects their own perspectives on African American society and what it means to be of African descent in America.

  • Shaping Identity with Arts of the Americas

    Explore works of art from around the world and focus on North, Central, and South America, including pre-Colombian, and Native American art from the colonial period through our own time.

  • Shaping Identity with Art of the Spanish Speaking World

    Explore works from around the world and further examine art from diverse Spanish speaking cultures in Europe, Central, and South America, from ancient to the present.

  • Shaping Identity with Art of the Ancient World

    Learning about functional and spiritual objects from the ancient cultures of Africa, Asia, Egypt, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America, will help students understand how these civilizations used art and technology to define, reinforce and communicate their identity. Students will also make connections between the ancient world and the present day.

Thinking Through Art – What’s happening in this work of art?

Engage in facilitated discussions about carefully chosen works of art that encourage observation, improve critical thinking and communication skills, and promote cooperative learning using Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), a research-based teaching method. Thinking Through Art tours are available beginning at 10:30am Tuesday through Friday.

The Visual Thinking Strategy

  • Uses art to develop critical thinking, communication and visual literacy skills
  • Specially-trained volunteers will facilitate learner-centered discussions of visual art
  • Engages learners in a rigorous process of examination and meaning-making through visual art
  • Measurably increases observation skills, evidential reasoning, and speculative abilities
  • Engenders the willingness and ability to find multiple solutions to complex problems
  • Uses facilitated discussion to enable students to practice respectful, democratic, collaborative problem solving skills that over time transfer to other classroom interactions, and beyond
  • Uses eager, thoughtful participation to nurture verbal language skills, and writing assignments to assist transfer from oral to written ability
  • Produces growth in all students, from challenged and non-English language learners to high achievers
  • Underscore connections to art and strengthens the role of museums as a valuable resource in students' lives
  • To stay with the intent of VTS (Thinking Through Art) information about the art will not be shared - students who inquire, will be guided through a process of self-discovery, empowering the learner with valuable research skills

NOTE: This tour does not provide detailed information about individual works of art. For more information please visit

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Please note that tours must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. MUSEUM CLOSED MONDAYS

NOTE: For grades 3-12, we recommend a maximum visit time of 2.5 hours (including guided and self-guided portions of visit and lunch).

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  • We require 1 ADULT per 15 students within your group. Please note we reserve the right to deny your school group entry into the museum if this policy is not observed.
  • Please make sure the two dates that you have provided on your application are dates that your group is available. Be advised that your alternate date has the potential to be reserved for your school group visit.
  • The DIA standard is 120 visitors per group, per school, per day. School groups larger than 120 in total must apply for additional visit dates.

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