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Dancers in Repose Edgar Degas
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Dancers in Repose (72.441) — Edgar Degas

Pre-K through Grade 2

The DIA doesn't offer guided visits for students under grade 3, but there are many other ways for our youngest visitors to explore the museum.

Field Trip Grants to the DIA

To see if your school qualifies, simply fill out the online application and you will be contacted shortly.

10 things to do with kids at the DIA


Play Eye Spy and use clues to find mystery objects in the galleries

Suggested ages: All
Location: Every other gallery throughout the museum


Listen for secrets about works of art using an audio tour just for kids

Suggested ages: 8 to 14
Location: Pick up an Audio Tour wand at the Farnsworth Street entrance; $2 fee


Light up the symbols on an ancient Mayan Chocolate Jar

Suggested ages: 8+
Location: Level 1, Native American Galleries


Climb the spiral staircase like kids have done since 1927

Suggested ages: All (adult supervision advised)
Location: Level 1, near Kresge Court and Level 2, European Medieval Gallery


Explore a virtual ancient Egyptian scroll for spells that led a man safely into the afterlife

Suggested ages: 8+
Location: Level 1, Egyptian Galleries


See a life-sized video of African masks in action – the way they were meant to be seen

Suggested ages: All
Location: Level 1, African Galleries


Discover legendary African Americans in Hale Woodruff's painting The Art of the Negro

Suggested ages: 8+
Location: Level 2, African American Galleries


Play a quiz to figure out whether 2,000-year-old gladiator helmets were worn in battles or parades

Suggested ages: 6+
Location: Level 2, Ancient Greek and Roman Galleries


Pet the donkey, the only work of art in the museum you can touch

Suggested ages: All
Location: Level 2, near the south elevators


Sit down at a virtual dining table for an elaborate three-course banquet

Suggested ages: All
Location: Level 3, European Fashionable Living Galleries