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Cotopaxi Frederic Edwin Church
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Cotopaxi (76.89) — Frederic Edwin Church

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Browse our full list below of current talk offerings, and to schedule a speaker, simply complete the request form below. You can also contact Cynthia Blackburn at 313.833.1510 or at cblackburn@dia.org.

Watch Me Move: The Animation Show

Preview the most extensive animation exhibition ever mounted with over 100 works drawn from across generations and cultures.

DIA: The Essentials

Explore two dozen must-see masterpieces from the DIA's collection.

Diego Rivera and the Detroit Industry Murals

Learn more about Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry murals, the complex masterpiece at the heart of the DIA.

The Look of Love

Everyone loves love. Discover how artists think about love and how they express those thoughts through works of art.

Samurai: Beyond the Sword

There are two sides to every sword - and samurai. See both sides of the samurai as you preview the upcoming exhibition, Samurai: Beyond the Sword. Talks available starting March 2014.

Picturing Music

From ancient Egypt to present-day Detroit, discover the art of music through the eyes of artists in the DIA's diverse collection. Talks available starting February 2014.

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