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Violinist and Young Woman Edgar Degas
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Violinist and Young Woman (70.167) — Edgar Degas

Mosquito Nets
Mosquito Nets

Photo ©2015, Detroit Institute of Arts

Mosquito Nets

John Singer Sargent(American, 1856-1925)

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“This painting reminds me of languid summer days spent reading quietly and contentedly beside my mother and grandmother. We would often devise our own strange-looking contraptions to battle the incessant whine and bite of New England mosquitoes. Sargent’s ability to capture the sheer gauze of the nets and soft light hitting the crinkles of the dresses always amazes me. Physically close, but each absorbed in her own book, these women epitomize friendship. I wish I knew what titles held their attention so deeply.”

Alison Jean, Interpretive Specialist

“Sargent's portraits are often very formal. This painting is almost sketch-like. It has lots of movement. It's like a snapshot of a moment. ”

Kathryn Flood, Volunteer

Oil on canvas
22 1/2 x 28 1/4 in. 57.2 x 71.8 cm Framed: 36 1/4 x 42 1/8 x 2 5/8 in.
American Art before 1950
Founders Society Purchase, Robert H. Tannahill Foundation Fund, General Membership Fund, Gibbs-Williams Fund, Laura H. Murphy Fund, Dexter M. Ferry Jr. Fund, Elizabeth P. Kirby Fund, Elizabeth and Allen Shelden Fund, Merill Fund; gifts from Charles Willis Ward, Mrs. Gustavus D. Pope, Kate Minor, Newhouse Galleries, Miss Julia E.Peck, Detroit and Wayne County Tuberculosis Foundation, Anonymous Donor, Paul H. Townsend, Mrs. John L. Gardner, City of Detroit, Elizabeth Hughes Gossett, Mrs. George Kamperman, Mrs. Theodore Chapin Beebe, Recess Club, Mrs. Benjamin Goldberg, Mr. and Mrs. James O. Keene, Mrs. Mathias J. Alten, Mrs. Arthur McGraw, Mrs. E. Murray McKay, Mr. David Gray, Percy K. Loud, Mrs. William T. Barbour, Lawrence A. Fleischman, Mrs. Henry Gallison, Lillian Henkel Haass, Archives of American Art, Mr. Phillip Gray, Mrs. William R. Kales, Mr. and Mrs Harold O. Love, Mrs. George Hendrie, Mrs. Walter Shirlaw, Harrington Fitzgerald, Mrs. Lendall Pitts, Walter Piper, Gilbert M. Frimet, Colonel Frank J. Hecker, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Whitcomb, Mrs. Mary B. Longyear, Edgar P. Richardson, John S. Newberry, Miss Florence Babbit, Margaret C. Horn, Armand H. Griffith, Mrs. William E. Scripps, Anne Goldthwaite, Miss Euphemia Holden, and Mr. and Mrs. James S. Holden by exchange.
Accession No.
John Singer Sargent; to sister Emily Sargent until 1936; Emily Sargent to sister Violet (Mrs. Francis Ormond) until ca. 1948; Violet to son Henri Eric Conrad Ormond until 1979; Henri Eric Conrad to his son, John Ormond, until ca. 1993; to Coe Kerr Gallery, New York; to DIA in 1993.
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