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DIA exterior at night
DIA exterior at night

Larisa Zade — Communications Specialist

Larisa’s Picks

Karin Kneffel


Such brilliant color! This painting is organic, in a way. I would love to have it in my kitchen!

Flowers in a Glass Vase

Rachel Ruysch

Flowers in a Glass Vase


I find this painting amazing in its detail and composition; every time I view it, I find something I haven't noticed before. And the colors are rich and the flowers are incredibly vibrant! The fact that it was painted by a woman at a time when men so completely dominated the art world only adds to this painting's uniqueness.

The Back Garden

Adolph von Menzel

The Back Garden


The piece offers a calm oasis from daily life. It presents a relaxed, organizational planting scheme which adds to the garden's serenity.

Queen Philippa Interceding for the Lives of the Burghers of Calais

Benjamin West

Queen Philippa Interceding for the Lives of the Burghers of Calais


I love the history depicted in this painting. The resolute faces of the burghers show such strength. West conveys so clearly the queen's compassion while pleading to the guards. I also love the richness of the queen's gown and the detailed armor on the guard.

Mosquito Nets

John Singer Sargent

Mosquito Nets


Sargent's portraits are often very formal. This painting is almost sketch-like. It has lots of movement. It's like a snapshot of a moment.

Virgin of the Rose Garden

Master of the St. Lucy Legend

Virgin of the Rose Garden


The figures' expressions are so sublime. I love the detail of the garden and how it contrasts with the view of Bruges in the background.

McSorley's Bar

John Sloan

McSorley's Bar


Though many details are somewhat roughly indicated, this small painting clearly evokes an atmosphere. You feel as though you had walked down a New York street and just opened a door.


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