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Ishtar Gate, Dragon of Marduk MushhushImage Details
Ishtar Gate, Dragon of Marduk Mushhush (31.25)

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We invite you to become a member and help the museum share the masterworks that form our common cultural heritage. Your membership dues will also support special exhibitions and the daily expenses of operating the museum. Whether you visit once a month or once a year, you enjoy the benefits of membership and your support helps to ensure that this amazing museum will remain a vital source of art and inspiration for generations to come.

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Membership Level Annual Dues Membership Level Annual Dues
Chairman's Associate $10,000 Patron $300
Director's Associate $5,000 Affiliate $180
Sustaining Associate $3,000 Family Plus $110
Supporting Associate $2,000 Companion $80
Conservator $1,000 Individual $65
Contributor $600 Senior Citizen (age 62+) $60

Note: Many employers match employee's contributions. All or a portion of your annual membership dues may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).

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Monique Robert

Monique Robert

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Detroit Film Theatre Ushers - 2015-16

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Beverly Avadenka

Beverly Avadenka

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October 2011

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