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DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Sandra (Sandy) Shephard

Museum Shop - 2004

Sandy Shepherd comes highly recommended as our Volunteer of the Year. In addition, she is a dear friend to a number of Museum Shop and other DIA volunteers. Sandy was described by friend Cele Landay, who encouraged her to become involved with the DIA, as “a spartan woman of sterling character who is wise, caring and diligent in all she does.” Another friend, Lenore Weiss, says that “Sandy is a pleasure to work with in the Museum Shop.”

In 1987, Sandy began her volunteer work with the Museum Shop Committee. Over the years, she has served as treasurer and co-chairman of the committee. Sandy was also treasurer of the Volunteer Board and a member of the Honors and Awards Committee. Other volunteer activities included dusting in the American Art galleries and membership in Friends of Modern Art and the Graphic Arts auxiliaries.

A native Detroiter, Sandy's love of art and art history began in college. She attended the University of Michigan and obtained a degree in Education. Since that time, Sandy has continued to take art history classes.

Sandy's late husband, Judge John Shepherd of the Michigan Court of Appeals, was a Fulbright scholar. Early in their marriage they spent a year in Paris, France. Sandy's love of art was enhanced by her weekly visits to the Louvre. Sandy has two sons and a grandson. She is currently awaiting another grandchild.

Sandy's other interests include traveling. She is a frequent traveler and has visited Turkey, Morocco, China, Kenya, Tanzania and Italy. Her special love, of course, is France because of her early experience in that country. She returns to Paris nearly every year.

Sandy also participates in two book clubs and is an avid bridge player. She enjoys music, opera and ballet. Sandy has season tickets to the DSO.

As Sandy's friends have touted her, she, too, values the wonderful friendships made at the DIA. Sandy truly appreciates the many enriching experiences and intellectual stimulations the DIA has provided her.

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