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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Amelia Chan

Gallery Service - 2001

Amelia joined the Gallery Service committee nearly 6 years ago, as a Sunday morning volunteer. Her ever-pleasant, dignified, efficient demeanor has led to her recognition as an outstanding shift captain. She has also held the position of shift coordinator, responsible for scheduling all Sunday morning shift captains. Amelia has harbored an interest in art for a number of years but, like many in the general population, believed that all museum volunteers were docents with extensive art expertise. She learned of the DIA's need for volunteers to staff the galleries through an ad in the Plymouth Observer and was so excited that she responded immediately.

As a full-time Student Advisor at Eastern Michigan University, wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 7, Amelia regrets that she doesn't have more time to spend at the DIA. With retirement a few years in her future, she's hopeful that she'll eventually be able to increase the number of Gallery Service shifts she works each month.

When notified of her selection as Volunteer of the Year Amelia's incredulous reply was, "I feel that I receive so much more from the DIA than I give." Her reasons for continuing to volunteer include, "Volunteers serve an important purpose in keeping the galleries open. You really feel as though you're helping out. Fellow volunteers are nice and it's never boring here, there's always something new. It's a great way to spend time with the art, other than as a visitor."

While her praises are being sung at the museum and in the community, Amelia and her husband will enjoy three eagerly anticipated weeks, in February, vacationing in Key West. They will be joined by her sister and niece who are traveling from Singapore.

Submitted by Deb Griffin

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