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DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Mary Ann Carmichael

Volunteer to Volunteer - January 2011


The January Volunteer-to-Volunteer awardee is Mary Ann Carmichael of Gallery Service, Gallery Information, and Staff Aides.

 Mary Ann, a native Detroiter, returned to Michigan in 1993 after spending several years in the San Francisco area. Upon her return, Mary Ann began taking classes at Wayne State University. Walking around the Cultural Center between classes, she attempted to enter the DIA only to discover that it was closed. A few days later when the museum was open, she returned to find out that the DIA was short-staffed. She immediately joined Gallery Service to help alleviate the problem.

 In 2008, after leaving Oakwood Hospital, where she coordinated the IT network group, Mary Ann became involved with other DIA volunteer committees. Her love of people and the DIA led her to Gallery Information, where she welcomes visitors and makes their time at the museum an enriching experience. Through her work with Staff Aides, she continues to make the DIA experience comfortable for everyone by monitoring the temperature throughout the galleries for the conservation department.

 When not at the DIA, Mary Ann is active with the Royal Oak Women’s Club, coordinating the community support program. She may also be found traveling the metro area, discovering all its hidden gems. You may also find her working on needlepoint projects, using different fibers and unique designs. Mary Ann does keep busy.

 Congratulations, Mary Ann on being the January Volunteer-to-Volunteer awardee.

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