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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
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Volunteer Award Winner:
Maureen Matta

Interpretive Programs Volunteers - January 2011


The Interpretive Programs Volunteers are delighted to honor fellow volunteer Maureen Matta with the distinction of IPV Committee Volunteer of the Year.

Maureen has been an active member of our committee for the past five years. In addition to training, being vetted, and ultimately touring American, Cret, Interpreting Art, Islamic, Art of the Spanish-speaking World, public tours, Rivera Court, and special exhibitions, she has also distinguished herself with many vital contributions to the administration of this committee.

She has worked cooperatively with the DIA technology staff to create an IPV presence on the DIA Web site. She continues to move forward with a new method for recording our volunteer hours. In her position as IPV communications co-chair, she supervised the “update” team, met every deadline, and kept our committee informed on every front.

Maureen has brought to the IPV 27 years of experience as a director of information technology for AT&T. She has demonstrated time and again her propensity for analyzing and identifying issues, problem solving to uncover remedies, and applying technology to streamline processes and gain efficiencies. She has persevered and closed the loop by seeing her recommendations come to fruition.

And…she didn’t stop there! Once all was in place, she developed and rolled out training on using the IPV Web site, familiarized our members with the use of media kits, and taught us how to create PowerPoint presentations for our outreach talks.

The Staff Aides Committee also has called Maureen one of their own for the past seven years, and she served as its chair in 2010. If all this isn’t enough, she also has on her DIA resume Volunteer Council corresponding secretary for the current year.

When she isn’t volunteering for the DIA, Maureen and her husband Lawrence enjoy spending their leisure time with their son Josh, their daughter-in-law Haydee, nine-year-old grandson Kyle, and five-year-old granddaughter Haley. Their travels have taken them to many parts of the world; however, Maureen still has her sights set on seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Maybe we can spare her for a few weeks so she can realize that dream.

On her desk at home, she keeps two large mugs filled with a collection of pencils from various universities and colleges. Collecting them gives her a good reason to spend time absorbing the amazing atmospheres of campuses, and this past year she even made a trek to the University of Seville in Spain. She keeps her energy level high with an enthusiasm for fitness through aerobic training and running.

One of her favorite DIA memories is of sitting on the floor in Rivera Court with a group of fifth graders. They happened to have the space all to themselves, and as the class experienced the majesty of the murals, Maureen explained that it took nine months for Diego Rivera to complete his work. She was caught by surprise when one of the students remarked in awe, “You mean he worked all day and all night for nine months straight?”

Maureen, we would like to take this opportunity to honor your contributions to the Interpretive Programs Volunteer Committee and to the DIA. We appreciate all that you have given and we take pride in counting you as a member.


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