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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Maureen Matta

Staff Aides - March 2011

      The Staff Aides Committee is happy to honor Maureen Matta as Volunteer of the Year. She has served as a staff aide for 7 years. Maureen had thoughts of volunteering long before she joined the committee and planned to get involved with the DIA when she retired from her career.

      Maureen’s business background and computer skills made her the ideal day captain of the Staff Aides Committee. She is responsible for coordinating projects requested by staff and notifying her team when help is needed. The work includes stuffing envelopes, making pins, copying and collating documents, and assembling information packets. Maureen says she especially likes the friendships she has made and the interesting experiences she has volunteering. Her position has enabled her to interact with and get to know museum staff, which she enjoys.

      Maureen’s co-volunteers have all said they enjoy working with her. She tackles even the largest jobs with efficiency and makes it look easy! Her serene and calm nature makes her a joy to be around. Maureen seems to find solutions before anyone knows a problem exists. Her easy smile and willingness to help with anything is appreciated by everyone. She has been a great resource with her excellent computer skills and never tires of the endless questions from the “computer challenged.”

      In addition to her duties as day captain, Maureen is very active with the Interpretive Program Volunteer (IPV) Committee and serves as their communication director. In January, Maureen received the honor of being selected 2011 IPV Volunteer of the Year! She also is the corresponding secretary of the Volunteer Council and a former chairwoman of the Staff Aide Committee. Maureen so graciously gives of herself and time, and we are proud to recognize and honor her.

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