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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Judith Garvey

Interpretive Programs Volunteer

Judy Garvey is a mega contributor of her time, energy and creativity as a member of three DIA committees: Interpretive Programs Volunteers, Gallery Information, and Gallery Service.  This year she contributed more than 1,300 hours and gave over 250 tours and talks.  Although the numbers are impressive, what’s more compelling are the types of service she has given.  Since becoming a member of the IPV committee in 2009, Judy has trained for each special exhibition giving speaker’s bureau talks as well as “in museum” tours.  Judy served several years as part of a team that has one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and stressful tasks: scheduling IPVs for special exhibitions and tours.  Need someone to organize a couple of hundred students moving effectively through an exhibit or to accommodate a surprise group of VIPs? Judy will jump into the breach—nights, weekends—she’ll be there.  This year she used her talent and experience as a stage director to produce the Volunteer Council Annual Meeting in October.     
Born in New York City, Judy moved to San Diego, California, when she was four. Subsequently she moved several times between San Diego and Seattle.  Now retired, she lives in Grosse Pointe. Judy is a widow and has two sons who live in San Diego, as well as a grandson in Oregon.

Her artistic endeavors include having served as a docent in Seattle and as a stage manager and director in community and semi-professional theater.

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