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Volunteer Award Winner:
Carol George

Interpretive Programs Volunteers

The Interpretive Programs Volunteers Committee is pleased to honor Carol George as the Volunteer of the Year for 2012–13.
In her seven years as a member, Carol has become a pillar of this volunteer committee, serving as vice treasurer, recording secretary, public tours scheduler, and communications chair, the last position a role she will continue next year. With each job, Carol has been fully committed and flawless in her execution. In addition, she consistently contributes well above the required number of adult and student tours each year.
However, that is not the extent of Carol's volunteer activities at the DIA. Impatient to get to work during her year-long docent training, Carol joined the Staff Aides Volunteer Committee, using her training in library science to help catalog and shelve books at the DIA library for a year before becoming a day captain for mass mailings and other staff projects.
Carol was initially drawn to the docent program by the in-depth training given by DIA educators and curators. "I will forever be grateful to educator Linda Margolin, whose depth of knowledge about non-Western art made it so much more accessible to me, and to curator Nii Quarcoopome, whose joy when he talks about the African collection is infectious," explains Carol. "I enjoy so many different types of art now because I understand them better. My personal appreciation for art has grown so much."
But the unique camaraderie of everyone involved with the DIA is what keeps Carol coming back year after year. "Staff and volunteers alike are so friendly and helpful. The volunteers share ideas about touring and cover for each other when someone has a scheduling conflict. And when I've sent staff adviser Sue Troia my fourth email of the day trying to get something straight in my mind, she patiently responds yet again."
Carol was fortunate to have grown up in a family that valued the arts. Her father, brother, and one sister were amateur actors; another sister is an artist. Carol also attended a high school that emphasized the arts; there she was a costumer for the school theater company. She currently pursues an interest in photography.
When Carol is not volunteering, she and her husband Toby frequently travel to visit their bicoastal family. Carol's daughter Andrea and husband Dave, parents of two young boys, are middle-school teachers in Sherman Oaks, California. Carol's son Matt and his wife Lauren live in Alexandria, Virginia.  Matt is head of the media department at a marketing research company, and Lauren is a physician's assistant in orthopedics at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC.

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