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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Ellen Kulie

Detroit Film Theatre Ushers

The Detroit Film Theatre Usher committee is proud to recognize Ellen Kulie, as our DFT Volunteer Usher of the Year for 2013–14. It is always a pleasure to see Ellen’s smiling face when she ushers at the DFT, which she does regularly. Ellen’s passion for films, as well as her love for the DIA and the DFT, is the reason she decided to become a volunteer usher. She enjoys the people she works with and their sense of community.

Ellen cites DFT House Manager Margaret Thomas as being an inspiration. As a matter of fact, Ellen was trained as an usher by Margaret’s daughter seven years ago. Margaret states that Ellen is the example that we should all follow. She says Ellen is calm, gracious, helpful, prudent and overall, just “one, awesome usher.” Margaret loves when she sees that Ellen has signed up for a shift because she knows that everything will be in “good hands with Ellen on the job.”

Aside from ushering, Ellen is also chair emeritus at the DFT Outside the DFT, Ellen is employed as a logistician, a job she has had for 32 years. Besides enjoying films, Ellen also likes to read, travel, and learn how to do new things. She admits doing volunteer work at the DIA, DFT, and other organizations is very rewarding. She gets to meet new and interesting people and would recommend ushering at the DFT to everyone.
Congratulations, Ellen. You are very deserving of the DFT Volunteer Usher of the Year award.

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