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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Charlotte Robson

Volunteer Membership - 2001

One telephone call and Volunteer Membership gained a super saleswoman, an enrichment planner, a scheduler and a co-chairman. That call was to the DIA, placed by Charlotte Robson in 1992, enquiring about volunteering. Charlotte was told VM was having a training session the next day. Charlotte came, joined, and this March we honor her as Volunteer of the Year.

Charlotte was born and raised on a dairy farm in Canada. She grew up driving a tractor and milking cows. She left the farm to attend nursing school. After graduation, Charlotte worked as a public health nurse and as a nursing professor in a junior college.

After moving to Michigan, Charlotte pursued her second professional career. Today she is a psychoanalytic psychologist with a private practice in Birmingham. Charlotte is active in several professional organizations.

Charlotte has two major hobbies: travel and the stock market. Her travels have taken her to many European countries, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, China, South Pacific islands and Antarctica. Her favorite is Egypt – she has been there 3 times. Charlotte's scariest travel adventure was on a nature walk on an African safari last summer - she encountered a lion!

Charlotte purchased and learned how to operate a computer so she could keep up to date on her second hobby, the stock market.

When asked about volunteering on the Volunteer Membership and Gallery Service Committees, Charlotte enthusiastically said, "I'll never pay back what I've been given as a volunteer. It's a wonderful place to be! The DIA is beautiful! The art is wonderful! The people are welcoming, friendly and fun!"

Volunteer Membership is equally enthusiastic about Charlotte Robson. We are proud she is our Volunteer of the Year.

Submitted by Catherine Somerville

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