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Ron Stang

Gallery Service

 Gallery Service Volunteer of the Year 2013-2014
I started volunteering at the DIA in October 1995 after a friend kindly pointed out that it might be something I’d like doing, since I had “no life,” was interested in art, loved Detroit, and the museum was looking for help. So I signed up. (And sure enough my life immediately got busier after that!) Not only is volunteering at the DIA important for me because it allows me to have a personal association with one of North America’s great art institutions. It also means I can contribute, even in a very small way, to keeping Detroit alive. After all, what can be more tangible than showing up for a shift and preventing a gallery from being closed?

In the rest of my life I have worked as a news radio producer at AM 800 CKLW for 19 years, until the Great Recession put an end to that in 2009. In addition, I’ve worked as a freelance print journalist. In a way the layoff was a blessing because it meant I could live my dream of working on my own as a fulltime freelancer. And that I do for a number of publications covering subjects from law to medicine, transportation to construction, religion, lifestyle and entertainment. I also publish two online sites: a web newspaper Windsor Ontario News ( and the Windsor Detroit Film blog (

While a Canadian, I’ve long had an affinity for Detroit. I went to high school in Amherstburg, Ontario (where I still live) during the heyday of social and cultural ferment of the 1960s and early ‘70s in Detroit. That period has long resonated with me, even though I lived away from this area for almost 20 years, returning in 1990. I’ve lived in many cities across Canada but none had the energy and excitement of the Windsor-Detroit area. (I’m also a hearty Windsor booster.) And while I still travel quite a bit I never, truthfully, regret returning to this rich cultural and social mecca.

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