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Volunteer Award Winner:
Loretta Gates

Interpretive Programs Volunteers

The IPV of the Year for the 2013-2014 Volunteer Year is Loretta Gates. 
We joked with Loretta a couple of times during the last year that she had this nervous tick problem, which she needed to have a medical professional look into— every time someone said that we needed some volunteers to do something, Loretta’s hand would fly into the air.
Loretta packs so much volunteering into each year it’s remarkable.  Just to name a few of her accomplishments this year:

Loretta is a member of the IPV Board Subcommittee. At the beginning of the year, the committee was still looking for a Hospitality Captain; right away Loretta indicated that she would be glad to take that position.  That was the second consecutive year she held the position and she will continue in that role for the 2014–15 volunteer year.

When we formed the IPV Renaming Committee, Loretta was asked by Cindy Patrick to be a part of it. Loretta just needed to be advised where and when to show up and was there for every meeting.  She was a valuable member of the committee, providing years of background information and insightful feedback.  

On an ongoing basis, not just this year, Loretta has been called upon to review instructional documents for clarity, comprehension and ease of use.  Those are documents that are issued to the entire IPV committee.  Can you imagine anyone volunteering for that? Loretta was always willing and returned the documents in a timely manner with honest and constructive feedback.  

Finally, Loretta served on the Annual Meeting and Luncheon committee.  Again she was able to provide insight into what had taken place historically, giving valuable advice on location, venue, and parking.

Loretta’s institutional memory, which provides a priceless contribution to those committees, as she can recall many details about early boards and DIA-related business, isn’t the only reason she is asked to participate in so many committees, she’s also humorous and just fun to be around. 

In addition, Loretta gave more than 50 tours while putting in more than 200 volunteer hours just for the IPV Committee, and she is a member of the Gallery Information committee as well. 

When asked why she gives so much of her time to the DIA, Loretta responded right away: “I just love this place and the people I volunteer with and interacting with the public.” Well, Loretta we love you right back!!
Thank you so much for being an IPV! 

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