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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Kathy Guyor


The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Staff Aides Committee is happy to recognize Katherine Guyor as its 2014 Volunteer of the Year. Katherine has been volunteering at the DIA for the past 27 years.
Katherine (Kathy) has always been a staff aide volunteer and her Thursday morning duties include stuffing and labeling envelopes, copying and collating documents, assembling information packets and much more. Kathy worked on the Museum Shop committee for two years at Twelve Oaks Mall when the Museum had a shop there. She has served as recording secretary for Staff Aides three times.. 
Kathy began coming to the DIA when she was 12 years old and her mother finally allowed her to take two buses by herself. She started volunteering when her children got older and she had more time. She has always loved art and the DIA was the perfect place to be. She thinks the best thing about volunteering is, of course, being around all the art, but the people she has met over the years have been interesting and fun to be with. 
In January of 2014, she and her husband celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. They have two children and four grandchildren, whom Kathy describes as great works of art, each and every one. Kathy loves to knit and embroider. She also loves a good antique shop and says an afternoon gallery hopping is “heavenly.” She collects art books and old children’s books. 
Kathy says “I have been coming to the DIA for many years and have watched it grow, expand and become better and better. I am proud to tell anyone I know or meet that I am a volunteer at the Detroit Institute of Arts.”

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