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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Monique Robert

Detroit Film Theatre Ushers - 2015-16

We are very proud to recognize Detroit Film Theatre usher Monique Robert as our Volunteer Usher of the Year for 2015–2016. Monique has been ushering at the DFT since 2014. While taking English classes at the International Institute on Kirby Street, Monique met a classmate who volunteered at the DIA. Monique went to the museum website, applied to volunteer at the DIA/DFT and the rest, as they say, is history.
At the DFT, Margaret Thomas, DFT house manager, gave Monique more and more opportunities to speak English and interact with patrons, greatly enhancing Monique’s confidence in her new language. “The DFT ushers are a good team because of Margaret,” says Monique.
And according to Margaret, “from the first day that Monique volunteered, one knew she would be a super usher. Always ready with a cheerful greeting and a willingness to learn and to help wherever needed, Monique is the perfect example of a DFT usher. I am so grateful to her dedication and commitment. Bravo, Monique.”
Born and raised near Bordeaux, France, Monique arrived in the United States via Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, in 2009. Initially, she lived close to one of her three daughters in Albuquerque before coming to Michigan, where her youngest daughter lives. Monique’s eldest daughter lives in New York. Monique enjoys time with her four grandchildren and another is expected this December. “I found my home in America,” says Monique. She recalls the very nice American soldiers coming with their families to her hometown when she was a girl, their large refrigerators and huge cars. Monique grew up knowing she wanted to live in America.
Monique began her volunteer service at the Presbyterian Church on Fort St. in Detroit. She spends two days a week there, serving in the soup kitchen and helping distribute clothing. Professionally, Monique retired as a manager of a French high school, the head of administrative services, including finance, business, supplies and security. According to Monique, when she arrives at the DIA, she looks at everything and even checks the doors, reminiscent of her prior career.
When not at the DFT, Monique helps raise her two Michigan grandsons, practices yoga twice daily and is studying for her U.S. citizenship interview. Monique continues to improve her English and believes that to speak a language well one also needs to write well. She taught herself grammar and feels that learning English is a bit less complicated than learning French. In addition, Monique has two degrees in Reiki and plans to become a Reiki master, studying with her best friend and Reiki master in France.
Congratulations Monique for being our Usher Volunteer of the Year. You so deserve this accolade because of your dedication and commitment to the usher committee and DFT audiences. Thank you.

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