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Volunteer Award Winner:
Peter Milne

Staff Aides - 2001

The Staff Aides Committee is proud to recognize Peter T. Milne as Volunteer of the Year for 2001.

With a love of great museums and art, Peter came to visit the DIA in 1993. At that time things looked bleak with museum hours cut and more galleries closed than open; Peter vowed to do "a little bit in order to evoke change." But instead of doing just a little, Peter has held significant volunteer managerial and financial positions in his eight-year career as a DIA volunteer. Developing organizational and structural tools, Peter's accomplishments will impact the DIA's Volunteer Committee's framework for the foreseeable future.

His financial positions include Gallery Information Treasurer, Volunteer Committee Treasurer and Volunteer Committees of Art Museums 2000 Conference Treasurer, a huge 3-year commitment with a massive budget.

Spring of 2001 ended Peter's two-year chairmanship of the Staff Aides Committee. During his tenure, Peter initiated a number of innovative programs. The SAge, a monthly newsletter keeps Staff Aides informed and enriched, and provides a way to recognize the day to day accomplishments of committee members. Another project Peter introduced called The Concierge Program provides weekend support in the form of copying, phoning and other help to non-education Committee Chairmen and Vice Chairmen. Peter has devoted numerous hours developing and maintaining the on-line volunteer applications through the DIA web site. He hopes the site will attract younger, e-savvy volunteers to work at the museum.

Peter was also involved in the groundbreaking Diversity Committee, the initiation of "Ask the Experts" Day, re-vamping the Volunteer Committee by-laws, and is currently writing the "guidebook" for Service Committee treasurers and was influential in the Volunteer Executive Board's decision to purchase a button machine for Service Committee use.

Of all his volunteer endeavors, Peter states his most challenging and also most fulfilling was the firecracker activity of VCAM 2000. This conference provided an opportunity to meet and work with other volunteers from other museums across the country including Eugenie England from the New Orleans Museum of Art and VCAM Chairman. Peter acknowledges the influence and inspiration from museum role models, especially Nancy Jones, Director of Education, who Peter says "challenges traditions and paradigms."

In order to spend more time working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and his Masters degree centered on Victorian Military and Papal History, Peter will continue to volunteer in a less visible way during the next few years.

His philosophy on volunteering is simple: "Give of thyself, to assist, to learn." This simple statement summarizes why Peter Milne is honored as Volunteer of the Year for the Staff Aides Committee.

Congratulations, Peter, from a grateful committee.

--Submitted by Sue De Corte

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