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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Selma Pollack Winston

Museum Shop - 2001

When asked to solve a personnel problem in the Museum Shop over twenty-seven years ago, Selma stepped in and has been a valuable member ever since! Several years before her encounter with the Museum Shop Committee, Selma had been a Docent in Training and always very interested in the DIA. She served as Chairman of our committee from 1982 - 1983. Since 1983 Selma has organized our Enrichment Programs twice each year, and every one of them has been a huge success!

The most wonderful and amazing characteristics about Selma Winston are her energy, her positive and always upbeat attitude, and her ability to make everyone she touches feel important and just plain good! Selma is a can-do person and doesn't slow down to worry or complain about anything. One of our hostesses at an enrichment Selma had arranged for us said, Selma is the most determined and persistent person I know. How could I possibly say no!

Selma has always been a doer. When an eight-year-old nephew died many years ago, Selma spent months contacting parents who had lost children from Leukemia and organized the Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. Together with her husband, Jack, they ran this group from their home until it was taken over by the Michigan charity organizations.

Selma and Jack have two daughters, Judith living in Santa Monica, California, and Debra, living in Newport Beach. There was a third daughter, Frances, who was killed in an auto accident in 1969.

Selma is a Michigander through and through. She attended University of Michigan and Wayne State University and received her degree in Business Administration, a teacher's certificate and a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling!

Selma was an active partner with her husband, Jack, in his real estate firm and also in his wine importing company. For twenty years they traveled together to France twice each year on wine buying trips. Presently, Selma is the managing partner of a 232-unit apartment complex in Melvindale. She and Jack have recently returned from overseas where Jack had Embryonic Stem Cell treatment to improve his health.

As I write, Selma and Jack are at their home in Longboat Key, Florida, where they enjoy the winter months. Selma is probably doing nothing, that is, unless she is swimming, out walking, attending a lecture or symphony, or perhaps she is at a meeting for one of her book clubs or even playing bridge! You can count on Selma never being bored!

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