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DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Anne Tabatcher

Gallery Service - 2002

Anne Tabatcher first joined the Gallery Service Committee in 1995 in response to an ad in the Detroit Monitor. She looked forward to spending time at the DIA in relaxed, culturally stimulating surroundings as a means of reducing the effects of her daily job demands. Those demands soon increased, causing her to temporarily suspend her volunteer activities. The next year, as soon as she was able, she returned. After becoming a shift captain, supervising other volunteers, she inspired her sister, Marian, to join the committee. Since then, she has achieved balance between her professional life and personal interests in a most remarkable way. She regularly recruits teams of her colleagues from the Unisys Corporation to assist Gallery Service with staffing special exhibitions. Some have been so impressed as to become permanent volunteers. Building on these successes, for the past year, Anne has assumed the role of trainer and supervisor for Volunteer Impact teams who help at the museum on specific dates throughout the year.

A former Detroiter now living in Redford, Anne gained an appreciation for the DIA when visiting while studying for her BA in Accounting at Wayne State. After going to work in the Accounting Department at Burroughs (now Unisys), she dedicated her energies toward building a career, which eventually led to her current position as a Systems Analyst. Having put her fascination with art on the back burner, Anne later seized the opportunity to rekindle that relationship.

Aside from her apparent appreciation for art, Anne cites the atmosphere and people as her key reasons for staying involved. She especially enjoys keeping current with all the events and exhibitions. Anne states simply, "I feel like I'm doing something for the museum and the city."

The desire to share her love of reading with other people has led Anne to also volunteer with the Siena Literacy Center in Redford. There she assists adults with acquiring and improving reading, grammar and writing skills. In her spare time, she pursues an interest in genealogy.

Anne defines volunteerism through her willingness to help wherever needed. She has completed cross training to assist at the Information Desks, which she does often on Friday evenings. She recruits new volunteers at the Volunteer Committee's Open Houses. Through these contributions she helps to attract and retain a strong core of people who share the desire to support the DIA.

The Gallery Service Committee is honored to recognize Anne as our Volunteer of the Year.

Submitted by Deb Griffin

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