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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Wendy Evans

Speakers Bureau - 2004

It is with pride that the Detroit Institute of Arts Speakers Bureau names Wendy Evans as its Volunteer of the Year for nine years of outstanding service.

Speakers Bureau members give talks to adult organizations in the southeastern Michigan area. Evans served as Speakers Bureau chairman (2002-2003) and also served on the Speakers Bureau Bylaws committee that developed new bylaws and standing rules that were adopted in 2002.

Her accomplishment in giving talks is impressive. During the 2002-2003 period she logged a staggering 27 talks and drove a total of 2966 miles to give them. One of those trips was to the Charlotte Public Library that was a 199-mile trip. Beyond informing the public about the DIA's great collection and exhibitions, these lectures garnered a grand total of $1185 in donations for the museum.

In addition, Evans has put together three new talks this year: “Seeing Red, The Power of Color in Art,” “Reawakening Renaissance Art,” and, “Whistler and his Followers,” developed for the American Attitude: Whistler and his Followers special exhibition.

Heading the American Association of Museum Volunteers has enabled Wendy to keep us abreast of ideas on a national level. On the Volunteer Board, Wendy chairs the Nominating Committee. In another dimension, she keeps us in contact with museum progress and direction through her position on the Speakers Bureau executive board in an ex-officio capacity.

Wendy’s private and personal life has been as dynamic as her public one. She was born in England, educated at Oxford where she met and married her Irish-born husband, Leonard. They have three accomplished children whom she enjoys visiting in Chicago and on the east and west coasts. Travel is very much a part of Wendy’s life. In addition to the frequent visits to her children, she regularly flies to England to visit her mother. Her travel experiences have taken her to a wide range of places, including the North Pole on a Russian icebreaker. At home, she has been known to be a typical English gardener of great success. The same success reigns in her kitchen: she is a great cook!

Wendy was educated as an economist and worked for some time in Ottawa before moving to Detroit. Once established here, she decided to remain at home a while with her children. As they grew, she developed a desire to volunteer and thought that the DIA might be a good place; she had always enjoyed visiting museums in London as a girl. Once accepted to the docent program, she decided to further develop that direction by enrolling in a master’s program at WSU where she finished in top form. Evans also teaches Art History at the College for Creative Studies, Wayne State University and the DIA.

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