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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Mike Chall

Gallery Service - 2004

The DIA is extraordinarily fortunate to have volunteers as passionate about their commitment to the museum as Mike Chall. For all the people he has worked with, it will come as no surprise that he has been selected as the 2004 Gallery Service Volunteer of the Year. Gallery Service volunteers serve as ambassadors in the galleries, welcoming and assisting visitors.

Mike came to us as a corporate volunteer four years ago, serving on weekends during our need to staff the "blockbuster" exhibits. In his words, he felt "the passion of the volunteers" and decided that this was where he wished to contribute his time to fulfill a need while being immersed in the DIA collection, gathering knowledge and understanding from his visits. Though he may not necessarily understand the meaning of a work of art, he appreciates the creativity and the structure of the process involved to produce it.

In "real life" Mike is a systems analyst, designing computer software for Unisys. He currently works on the travel and expense reimbursement system. Even with his busy work schedule, he finds time to volunteer at the DIA, tutor adult reading at the Siena Literacy Center, coordinate his corporate team of volunteers for Paint the Town, and even sneak in some personal time for reading history and historical fiction.

Mike pointed out that three of his favorite works at the DIA are Seurat's "View of Le Crotoy," for the visual impact of the pointillist technique; Canaletto's "Piazza San Marco," for the precision and symmetry; and Lambdin's "At the Front," because he "feels a profound sense of loneliness in the soldier." He enjoys being with and learning from his fellow volunteers, is an excellent weekend Shift Captain who can be relied on to help out several times a month, and is available for emergencies when needed.

We are indeed fortunate that Mike has found us and is willing to devote his time and talents to Gallery Service.

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