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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
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Volunteer Award Winner:
Marie (Toni) Tront

Museum Shop - 2005

Upon retirement from a 39-year career with General Motors in Human Resources, and having time to spare, Toni Tront joined the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Museum Shop Volunteers.  As Tront will tell you, “That was a great decision on my part.  The DIA gives more than you can give back.  Making this contribution has brought me exceptional educational experiences, many new friends and many fun and sometimes challenging experiences.”  Her decision was fortunate for the Museum Shop Volunteer Committee, as Tront is one of its greatest assets.

Tront’s commitment led her to accept various officer positions, including the 2004-2005 Annual Meeting Chairman. “Now that was certainly a challenging project, but very rewarding, said Tront, “With the help of many volunteers, we pulled it off.  Yes, there were some bumps in the road, but I hope no one noticed and all seemed to have a great time.  And, we did it within budget!”

Tront has served as chairman, vice-chairman and enrichment chairman for the Museum Shop volunteer group, vice-chairman of Records and Awards, and has helped organize a minimum of five trips for the Day Away with the DIA Committee.  One trip she especially enjoyed was the downriver trip.  “We had never done one in that area.  We did it on a Saturday for our patrons who work during the week.  We were warmly received and they want us back.”

Tront has also served on Noel Night, Staff Coffee committees and at least twice at the hat-making booth for the Detroit Festival of the Arts.  “I think it brings out the repressed artists in people,” said Tront.  Another of her favorite jobs is as volunteer usher for the Detroit Film Theater.

Tront was born in Detroit, graduated from Dearborn High School and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wayne State University.  She is an avid reader, golfer, quilter, moviegoer and traveler.

Tront also volunteers at the Detroit Zoo, Detroit Historical Museum, American Red Cross, Bryant Library of Dearborn and has recently been elected as president of the League of Women Voters – Dearborn-Dearborn Heights.

According to Tront, the DIA is a prime place at which to volunteer. “They educate you through classes, exhibits and their curatorial tours.  They provide you an opportunity to meet many wonderful people and be part of the DIA community.  The opportunities for personal growth are wonderful . . . it’s a fun place to be.”

Tront considers it a great honor to represent the Museum Shop Volunteer Committee as its Volunteer of the Year.  The Museum Shop Committee is also honored to have Tront serve in this role.  Dependable, helpful, competent and creative are only a few of the proud words her fellow volunteers use to describe this special lady.

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