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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Cindy Mies

Gallery Service - 2005

Cindy Mies came to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) more than 10 years ago, during Founders Junior Council (FJC), a DIA auxiliary, Super Sundays, when companies would provide volunteers to the museum for the day. She felt it was a great way to support the community and spend time with art. In describing her commitment to the DIA, Mies says, “Volunteering energizes me. I love the peace I get from the museum and sharing that love with other visitors. I always love to watch the expressions of the kids as they see the different pieces of work. It amazes me that the ones I have to tell not to touch are the adults.” 

Gallery Service is proud to honor Mies as Volunteer of the Year.

Mies exercises her numerous skills and love for the arts in various ways; she has been a member of the Gallery Service board for as long as she has been a DIA volunteer, having first held the position of Program Chairman. Her background in event planning for her employer equipped her to handle that year’s annual meeting with aplomb. She continued to do so for five years.

Mies next served as Assistant Newsletter Editor for one year prior to becoming Newsletter Editor, a position she still holds today. Always willing to do more, she leads the group that performs the necessary periodical financial audits for the Board, and is also a Shift Captain and Detroit Film Theatre Usher. She is a past Vice-Chairman of Volunteer Placement for the Volunteer Committee.

Outside the DIA, Mies has an eight-year history as a volunteer for the Detroit Festival of the Arts. She has been the leader of a local Girl Scout troop for the last six years, a position in which she speaks fondly and often. She was recently named 2004 Leader of the Year for the Huron Valley Girl Scout Council along with her sister, the troop’s co-leader. Mies states, “It’s interesting to watch a group of girls learn and grow through the years. Most of them are still with us.” She also volunteers annually at the Organization for Bat Conservation Bat Festival.

Mies is a life-long resident of Michigan. Born in Detroit, she now resides in Garden City. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, from Eastern Michigan University. This year marks her 25th anniversary with Bank One where she is currently an Executive Assistant, supporting people in six states.

Mies has no favorite collection per se; “…even in pieces I have seen many times there is always something new and interesting…” Her favorite work is Solitude by Jean-Leon Gerome. She “can’t wait to find it when the DIA’s renovation is complete.” 

Other interests include reading, traveling, and dining and movies with friends. This year, Mies visited both coasts of the U.S., where she enjoyed taking part in Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary celebration–plus time spent in Laguna Beach, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Washington DC.

Mies brings energy and dedication to the DIA; having her in our midst is indeed a boon and a pleasure.

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