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DIA Volunteers
DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Margaret Prizer

Speakers Bureau - February 2006

I began my DIA adventure in January 2002, when I trained for Gallery Information, six months after retirement from teaching.  One day Gallery Service asked if I would be willing to help them out. I was, and still do. Ushering at the Detroit Film Theatre soon followed.

In the spring of 2003, when training for Speakers Bureau was offered, I jumped at that opportunity.  I LOVE learning about the DIA’s fabulous collection, as well as our extraordinary special exhibitions, and spreading the news to other venues in southeastern Michigan.

After working as an “Ask Me” docent answering questions from visitors during the Gerard ter Borch exhibition and now for Camille Claudel & Rodin: Fateful Encounter, how could I possibly pass up an opportunity to be in the docent training class this year? 
I couldn’t!

Also, this year, I have the privilege of serving as Speakers Bureau recording secretary and Volunteer Trip Chairman.

Add to all this, the FUN of becoming acquainted with the other volunteers and the DIA staff, all of whom have been so warm with their welcomes and which, of course, makes this DIA adventure even more enjoyable.

All this most likely began long ago in St. Louis as a young child. I was fortunate enough to have a great-great aunt who took me to the art museum there on many occasions.  My parents instilled a love of learning with numerous opportunities to do so, including travel, canoeing, swimming, camping, and I developed a love of the natural world, music, books and visiting museums, naturally!  Those traditions are continued by my six children and eight grandchildren, who surely keep Grandma on her toes and tell their friends, “If Mom isn’t at home, you’ll find her either somewhere giving a talk or at the Detroit Institute of Arts!”

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