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Volunteer Award Winner:
Barbara Wojcik

Art to the Schools - 2000

Art to the Schools is pleased to honor Barbara Wojcik as Volunteer of the Year for September 2000. Barb, a dynamo brimming with ideas, is always thinking ART TO THE SCHOOLS. A DIA volunteer for the past 9 years, she is responsible for the initiation and implementation of an impressive number of "firsts" for the ATS Committee. Barbara established the first ATS budget, worked with the Education Department to organize the first ATS free class trip to the DIA contest, promoted the development of the first ATS logo which was imprinted on mugs for members, worked on re-writing and updating the ATS by-laws and proposed the idea of 2 business cards for members to use to promote ATS talks and recruit new ATS docents. Currently Barb is heading up the organization of a memory book to help subsidize the cost of planning the ATS 35th Anniversary Tea. Without Barb's expertise, enthusiasm and motivation, none of these programs would ever have come about. Thank you, Barb, from a grateful committee.

Barbara has held many and various leadership positions including ATS Chairman, ATS Writing Committee Chairman and Public Relations Chairman for both ATS and in another year for the Volunteer Board. Although Barb has relished and excelled in these leadership roles, what she enjoys best is being a docent. Barb fondly remembers her very fist ATS talk. Slightly nervous but ever enthusiastic, Barb told the class that they were her first and that she had studied really hard to prepare to talk with them about art. She was thrilled when they sent her letters of encouragement telling her she did really well. On another memorable occasion, another firstÖ when the projector bulb burned out in the middle of the presentation, the class assisted her by reading the instruction book so she could install the new bulb. The class wrote to her to tell her how "cool" she was for not losing her "cool." One appreciative teacher asked Barb to return to the school on another day to judge their student art contest. What a compliment! Outside her role as an ATS docent, Barb was selected to tour the special exhibitions Ben Shahn: Common Man Mythic Vision and Bob Thompson in the DIA.

Barb's drive and impetus possibly comes from her extensive background in sales. Although her undergraduate degree from U of M is in Education and she was a teacher in her younger days, Barb says her best and most recent work has been in sales. She covered four states selling equipment to office machine dealers. She has also taught sales techniques, public relations and marketing. Her post-graduate work in guidance and counseling (as well as her sales training work) has taught her to listen, determine the "customer's" need and then deliver that desire. Barb's success in this field allows her to confidently apply these sales principles to her work, her family life and her volunteer work.

Barbara ardently indulges her passions of art and travel with her husband, Hank, an active Gallery Service member. The couple makes it a point to visit an art museum in each city they visit. Barb states, "It adds to the number of things we share."

Why does Barb continue to volunteer with zeal and zest for the Art to the Schools Committee? Simply stated, Barb says, "The art gave me a hobby; the friends entered my heart. I got more from volunteering than I ever gave - both from students and from my ATS friends. The ATS friends that you make are forever."

-Submitted by Sue De Corte, friend and colleague

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