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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Mary Meier

Docent - March 2006

Mary Meier has given extraordinary service to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Docent Committee.  She gives tours for schools, the public and special exhibitions. She willingly substitutes for other docents whenever possible. In her almost twelve years as a docent, she has worked energetically and selflessly on the Docent Board as Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Public Tours Coordinator.  She has also traveled extensively with the docents.

Meier has also chaired a fifth grade writing contest, and co-chaired a silent auction of docent artists’ work to raise money for the winning schools’ visits to the museum. She and another docent instituted the “Docent to Docent” newsletter, which she also edited.  Additionally, Mary has worked on HospitalityDIA (HDIA) and as a Gallery Service volunteer.

Meier also works to further the interests of all docents and to further national recognition for the DIA.  She is presently a regional director for the National Docent Symposium, a six year position.  At the National Symposium in September 2005 she presented a well thought-out and brilliantly presented power point presentation on “Docents Embracing Institutional Change.”  The presentation was given to 100 of 500 participants (no space for more in the room).

Mary’s educational background is a BA in History, and an MA in Anthropological Archaeology.  She is married, a mom of three, a grandmother of three – one MBA’d single daughter out in the working world, one military son just back from a stint in Baghdad, and one divorced daughter-mom of three, returned home with the kids, creating a truly lively extended family household!

What does she do in her spare time?  She teaches Anthropology at Macomb Community College.  In the past couple of summers she has spent time in Pompeii, originally with an Earthwatch team, then as a volunteer with an independent academic research team, cataloging and recording any and all instances of food and drink in the excavation through photography, written records, video recording and sketches.  The team is creating a complete database to be used by scholars in an online capacity.

Meier’s interest is in serving our docents, our museum, and our museum visitors.  Her email address tells us where a part of her heart is,

Our committee is very fortunate to have Mary as a dedicated and devoted member.

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