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Volunteer Award Winner:
Doreen Millman

Museum Shop - September 2006

Born in Buffalo, New York, Doreen’s family moved to Detroit when she was about nine years old. Doreen graduated from Central High School and then went to the University of Michigan. She majored in Elementary Education and minored in Art History. Upon graduating, Doreen secured a teaching position with the Detroit Public Schools.

In the meantime, Stanley, her husband, was sent by the Army to Japan. Doreen was able to join Stanley and secured a job on the Army base as a secretary. They lived in Kyoto near the Heian Shrine. The Millmans lived there for about fifteen months and were able to explore all of the interesting places and museums in their spare time.

Thirty two years ago, Doreen became a DIA Art to the Schools (ATS) volunteer, traveling to the many schools in the Metro area to interact with children about art.

When the Museum Shop (MS) opened their first DIA Shop at 12-Oaks, Doreen joined the MS Committee and was able to use all of her knowledge about art in helping customers in their selection of gifts, books, games, and more.

When the DIA Shop opened at Somerset, Doreen moved over there, eventually landing at the DIA Shop when the museum closed the mall shop. She remains there today and is looking forward to working in the brand-new museum shop when the DIA completes its renovation in 2007. Doreen has also been Records and Awards Chairman and is currently Treasurer for MS.

In her personal life Doreen enjoys knitting. She has 6 grandchildren and made afghans for them when they were babies. Stanley and Doreen have 3 children- a girl and two boys. Doreen enjoys making sweaters and vests for “the daughters.” The Millmans have been married 54 years and plan to go back to visit Japan and Kyoto and all of the places they enjoyed so long ago. Besides being on MS, and ATS, Doreen is also on the Day Away Committee.

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