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Volunteer Award Winner:
Lane Moore

Gallery Information - December 2006

Lane Moore came to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) in 1992 in order to continue his friendship with two of his colleagues who also volunteered at the museum. As Lane continues to volunteer, his hard work, dedication and commitment to the museum has grown through the years.

Lane has shown his great love for volunteering and art in various ways. He chaired the Volunteer Record and Awards Committee at a crucial time when volunteer records were being transferred from paper to computer. He worked tirelessly, taking the volunteer information covering a span of 25 to 30 years, and entering it into the computer. He completed the task with 10,000 new entries.

He continues to serve Gallery Service by changing his schedule to provide help on Sunday afternoons, when volunteers are not easy to secure. While walking the galleries, Lane would make notations in his little “black book.” What was he writing? He was making notations on works of art as to their location and special attributes. This information became very useful when he joined Gallery Information and had to answer patrons’ questions on the location of art.

Lane’s love of art covers all aspects of art but his first love is Modern Art. His favorite piece of Modern art is “The Nightmare.” You will have to ask Lane why he is so fascinated with this work, and I am sure he will give you a scholarly reply.

In 2001 when the Detroit Institute of Arts expanded their hours including Friday evenings Lane expanded his participation by working for the Gallery Information Committee, while continuing to volunteer his time to Gallery service every Sunday afternoon. Why does Lane still continue to volunteer at the museum? He stated, “It’s the people.” He also likes Friday evenings at the museum because of the diversity of the patrons who participate in the activities.

Lane has spent his entire life in the Detroit area. He was born in the house that he currently occupies. He attended public schools in Ferndale and received degrees in history from Wayne State University. Lane served his country as a radar mechanic in the United States Army during the Korean War.

Lane taught history, government and economics for 32 years in the Detroit Public schools at Chadsey High School.

In his spare time Lane enjoys raising orchids, and he has carefully cultivated hundreds of these plants in his greenhouse. His interest in this hobby grew out of his mother’s love for orchids and his sister having her own green house. Gallery Information volunteers have been especially pleased when Lane frequently adorns the information table with a gorgeous display of his orchids.

You can certainly understand why Gallery Information is so pleased and proud to honor Lane Moore as our volunteer of the year.

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