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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
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Volunteer Award Winner:
Mary Bond

Staff Aides - January 2007

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Staff Aides’ Committee is recognizing Mary Bond as January 2007 Volunteer of the Year. Staff Aides help the museum staff with a variety of projects including assembling mailings, photocopying, and preparing training packets. As a member of Tuesday’s Staff Aides team, Bond’s dedication to the work, eye for detail and overall flexibility, help make Tuesday mornings a pleasurable experience whenever she’s there. She takes on tasks, be they large or small, with a “nose to the grindstone” attitude, and doesn’t leave until everything is completed. She frequently offers her assistance for additional projects such as filling giveaway bags for “Under the Stars,” making 3-D glasses for the DFT, and other special event projects, often with short notice or last minute changes.

Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Bond came to the Detroit area by way of Boston, where her husband completed graduate school at MIT. Bond used her biology degree working in a university laboratory on a Polio Foundation research project. Her husband’s employment eventually brought them to Michigan. After raising three children, she now finds herself traveling to all corners of the United States visiting them, and her three grandchildren. Following Bond’s retirement from Jacobson’s department store in 1998, she knew she would spend some of her retirement traveling and thought, “When you travel, you visit museums – art museums.” To prepare for those museum visits she enrolled in a DIA “Survey of Art” class. However, those classes led Bond in a different direction. While at the DIA, she observed school busses arriving and decided that she could be of assistance to those students when they toured the museum. So Bond became a DIA volunteer.

Bond’s first assignment was with the Membership Department, where she greeted museum patrons and encouraged them to purchase DIA memberships. Because she’s such a people person and genuinely enjoys talking to lots of people, it was a great fit. When that volunteer position was no longer available, Bond joined Tuesday’s Staff Aides team.

Bond is warm, personable, competent, interesting and interested. It’s easy to engage in conversation with her about a range of topics, from her backyard gardening successes and flops, to cooking, and to other interests outside of the DIA, which include two book clubs, involvement with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), ushering for the Livonia Symphony and volunteering at the Matthai Botanical Garden, where she “wanders the gardens during garden walks answering questions from visitors.” No wonder she’s got such ease about her and is so interesting to talk with! Most recent travel has taken her on extended family vacations and visits to North Carolina and Nevada. She has previously made solo cross-country driving trips and can probably give you directions to St. Louis off the top of her head.

The Staff Aides Committee congratulates Bond as Volunteer of the Year and thanks her for not only her service to the DIA, but also for being such a positive addition to the team.

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