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DIA Volunteers
DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Elaine Johnston

Museum Shop - February 2008

Elaine Johnston went to her first Detroit Institute of Arts Museum Shop Committee meeting six years ago at the request of her friend, former Museum Shop chair Lyn Bianco, and was “smitten”. Just as Bianco predicted, Johnston was stimulated and interested by her experience.

Johnston has been an active volunteer ever since, serving as corresponding secretary, recording secretary, vice-chair and chair of the Museum Shop Committee.  She’s grateful for the many new and wonderful experiences she has enjoyed at and through the museum.  Highlights for her have been the trips with the Museum Shop Committee, with the Day Away with the DIA, attending the curator lectures, and making new friends.  The various special events: Noel Night, Staff Coffees, Festival of the Arts and especially the opening night gala, have also been wonderful treats.

Growing up in New York, Johnston nurtured her interest in art by taking classes and frequenting museums.  When she married, her husband's job took the family to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and then to Michigan.  While in Puerto Rico Johnston served on the Boy Scout Council, was president of the Newcomers Club, and volunteered at the Presbyterian Hospital.

Johnston has two sons, one living in Michigan and the other in Chicago where she frequents the Art Institute with her 10-year-old granddaughter. Other hobbies include reading, knitting, golfing, and playing bridge.  She is also a volunteer at the Michigan Opera Theatre.

Johnston hopes to see the DIA exceed its current honor as 40th place to visit in 2008 to become the "Eighth wonder of the world!”

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