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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Cindy Patrick

Volunteer to Volunteer - May 2009

Cindy Patrick, a DIA Docent Committee volunteer for 3 years, is now serving as the Docent Vice Chairman for 08-09 and will soon become the First Vice Chairman for the proposed new Interpretive Programs Volunteers Service Committee (IPV). Cindy's background includes working as an art education teacher and a career in the design and marketing of telephone and data infrastructure products. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys spending time at the family cottage near Port Austin, playing the piano, running, and learning French. Volunteering at the DIA has added a wonderful dimension to her life, and her work with students in the Visual Thinking Strategy classes and Art Discovery tours is particularly rewarding. But, best of all, Cindy loves meeting and socializing with so many other people who love art and who enjoy spending their time and energy volunteering at the DIA.

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