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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Linda Wells

Speakers Bureau - 2000

Speakers Bureau brings slide presentations of DIA art to the community. At Linda's talk to the Retired Public School Administrators, her past grade school principal and high school principal were in the audience. They had recognized something special about Linda years before Speakers Bureau became aware of her talents.

Raised in Detroit, Linda taught History and English in the Detroit Public Schools until 1978 then became a Master Gardener with a special interest in Horticulture and Herbs. No wonder her Speakers Bureau talk Botanical Imagery is so great!

Linda formed a catering company specializing in hors d’oeuvres and desserts. (She asks, "Who cares what’s between?") Anyone who has traveled with Linda (and she has led many trips for DIA groups) can attest to her culinary talents!

In 1990 Linda joined Art to the Schools in pursuit of her lifelong interest in art and the DIA. Linda co-chaired Staff Coffee; worked on Art and Flowers; planned a Volunteer Trip; and currently chairs Personnel Placement.

Linda became a member of Speakers Bureau in 1994-95 and has just completed 2 years as Chairman. During her tenure, Speakers Bureau began recruiting new members from outside the Volunteer Committee. In each of the past 2 years Linda gave over 300 hours of service to the DIA.

Her newest commitment is training for the Docent Committee while continuing her participation in ATS and Speakers Bureau. It is not surprising her school principals recognized something special in this energetic and dedicated person!

--Submitted by Mary Lee O’Bryan

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