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DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Cindy Ballard

Volunteer to Volunteer - April 2008

Cindy Ballard, a Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Gallery Service Committee volunteer for five years, has served as shift captain for her committee and as vice chair of the Hospitality DIA (HDIA) committee. After working in the banking business for many years, she began retirement by-among other things-caring for her grandchildren on Wednesdays. Ballard soon discovered the fun of volunteering at the DIA on Wednesdays, after her daughter's family had to move to another city. She enjoys the camaraderie between volunteers and staff co-workers on Wednesday mornings, and she loves meeting the public and greeting groups as a HDIA volunteer. For Ballard, volunteering is inspirational, and watching how the museum has changed over her tenure and how it delivers entertainment and events like the Norman Rockwell exhibition is continuously stimulating.

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