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DIA Volunteer at Rivera Court
DIA Volunteer

Volunteer Award Winner:
Jackie Eckhous

Volunteer to Volunteer - September 2009

The Detroit Institute of Arts’ (DIA) September Volunteer to Volunteer award has been given to Jackie Eckhous, who has been a museum volunteer for 46 years. After years as a docent, Eckhous is now an honorary member, but remains active as a Gallery Information volunteer.

Since beginning her work with the museum in 1963, Eckhous has witnessed many changes and seen significant museum growth; the docent committee was created, the north and south wings were added and the collection grew.

Being a member of the first docent class, Eckhous remembers that the first rules were “do not wear boots, do not wear hats, and always put a period at the end of a sentence.” During the addition of the wings, Eckhous remembers many stories of Mayor Jerome Cavanaugh’s involvement, as well as the lengthy lunches and dinners with Mrs. Eleanor Ford. This is a period of the museum’s history that only a few share.

Eckhous enjoys spending time with her family. Thanksgiving is spent in Potomac, Maryland with her daughter, Lauren, Christmas in Long Beach, California with her son David, and when in Michigan, her son Jeremy is close by.

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