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Volunteer Award Winner:
Claudia Crable

Interpretive Programs - February 2010

The Interpretive Programs Volunteers (IPV) committee has chosen to honor Claudia Crable as its Volunteer of the Year. In addition to giving tours, Crable chairs the IPV Communications Committee and writes the IPV Weekly Update, a Tuesday email to the IPV membership detailing changes in the galleries and other information to help them prepare for the coming week at the museum.

According to Crable, only the DIA could have nurtured her enthusiasm for learning about other cultures through art. The gallery themes highlight universal ideas that cut across time and geography yet celebrate what makes cultures unique. Crable’s favorite tour, however, is probably the discussion-based “Interpreting Art.” As an avid student of literature, she appreciates how the tour encourages personal interpretation and teaches the value of substantiating ideas through evidence.

Crable credits her friend Anne Olender with introducing her to the DIA. Anne spoke enthusiastically about her experiences giving student tours and spending time with fellow volunteers. Then, at a volunteer open house, a DIA staff member’s presentation on a portrait of Eleonora of Toledo left no doubt that a painting more than 400 years old could be relevant and fascinating today. The four years since the open house have been filled with trainings and touring.

In addition to her work in IPV communications, Crable interviews prospective volunteers for the Volunteer Placement Committee and is active in the Family Fitting Room. She is a member of several DIA art auxiliaries and enjoys attending their lectures, gallery tours and viewings of private collections.

Crable’s work experience has centered on publishing. She started as an editor for an education magazine, produced specialized publications and marketing materials for a savings-and-loan association, served as the production editor for Car and Driver magazine and, at an advertising agency, was responsible for several accounts, including an insurance company’s magazine for 6,400,000 of its customers.

Husband Jack Crable is an attorney for an automotive supplier. She and her husband have two adult children. One son is working in New York as an investment banker; the other is a student at Michigan State University with an interest in media and sound production.

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