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Volunteer Award Winner:
Amy Music

Gallery Service Committee - November 2009

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Gallery Service Committee is pleased to name Amy Music as its Volunteer of the Year.

Like many DIA volunteers, Music was a visitor who was impressed by the museum and its collection. She became a volunteer, and convinced her boyfriend (now husband) to join as well. Amy and Chris have 13 years of service at the DiA, and they bring their daughters to the museum to see the art and participate in the museum programming. When not volunteering at the museum, the Clarkston native teaches English as a second language and volunteers at her daughter's school. Music is a past chairman of Gallery Service. She feels that the qualities that make a good volunteer - adaptability, flexibility, and patience - also are the qualities of a good chairman. As chairman during the grand opening in 2007, Music was particularly interested in the rebirth of interest in the DIA and the increased interest in volunteering at the DIA. She feels that you can always learn something new every time you volunteer, and you meet many interesting people.

Music is currently chairman of Volunteer Placement, with responsibility for implementing programs to recruit and retain volunteers. Influenced by her favorite saying from Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world," she is looking to address two main challenges facing volunteers - that volunteers understand where they fit in the big picture and that volunteers understand their value to the DIA.

Congratulations to Amy for her service to the Gallery Service committee and to the DIA.

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