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DIA Volunteer Lunch
DIA Volunteer Lunch

Volunteer Award Winner:
Donna Doyscher

Volunteer to Volunteer - April 2010

Staff Aides Volunteer Donna Doyscher is the April Volunteer to Volunteer Awardee. Donna has been part of the DIA’s Tuesday team for 12 years, following her career as an occupational therapist in Special Ed for the Farmington Schools. Working behind the scenes, Doyscher has learned much about how the DIA operates, and this keeps her energized and always prepared for her next project. When she’s not volunteering at the DIA, Doyscher travels with her husband on short weekend jaunts and longer sojourns, and she also enjoys the social interaction and artistic release afforded by her quilting group. Doyscher’s son recently left the Army after two tours of duty in Iraq. She is proud and happy that he had the opportunity to serve his country. Congratulations Donna on being the April Volunteer to Volunteer Award Winner.

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