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DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
David Galli

Volunteer to Volunteer - November 2010

Gallery Information Volunteer Dave Galli is the November Volunteer-to-Volunteer Awardee. Dave began his DIA commitment with the Volunteer Membership committee. In the mid-nineties, he served as its chairman for two years. Currently, Dave serves as vice chairman of Gallery Information.

Dave’s first visit to the DIA was in 1985. A chemistry major at Wayne State, he had joined some friends from the fine arts department on a visit to the DIA. He has kept a copy of the old Rivera brochure from that visit with the date written on it. This experience drew him to volunteer in the art community, where he has found lasting friendships with many wonderful people.

Dave has a wealth of volunteer experience, not only from his involvement here, but also from the other organizations he has supported. These include the March of Dimes, DSO, The United Way Planning Committee for the Celebrate Volunteers luncheon, treasurer for the Corktown Consumer Housing Cooperative, and Renaissance Unity, where he teaches first grade Sunday school. Some of Dave’s personal interests include weight lifting at the gym; adding to his growing art collection, which includes many works by new, young artists from CCS; reading; and being a great uncle.

Congratulations, Dave, on being the November Volunteer-to-Volunteer Awardee.

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