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DIA Volunteers

Volunteer Award Winner:
Penny Bailey and Stacey Johnson

Gallery Information - December 2010


The Galley Information Committee is pleased to honor Marianna “Penny” Bailey and Stacey Johnson as its 2011 Volunteers of the Year.

 Though Penny likes impressionist and Ancient (Egyptian) art and Stacey’s favorite works are The Nut Gatherers and the “Dragon of Marduk,” they have a few things in common besides sharing the same shift. They love the museum, the art, and the chance to introduce it to visitors who are new to the area or have lived in Detroit forever but have never been. They both have been volunteering for thirteen years AND happen to be mother and daughter.

 Penny says, “The nice thing about us volunteering together is we can catch up with each other.” Stacey works and is the mother of a two-year-old, so she has little spare time. “On the days we volunteer we go to lunch and find out what is going on.” Stacey says that volunteering with her mom is great. “I like spending quality time with her. She is a lot of fun and so easygoing. I am so glad that I get to do this with her on Saturday mornings. She has taught me that to volunteer is to give back to the community, and that is important. It is an honor doing this with her.”

 Penny sets a fine example for her daughter, because in addition to volunteering on the Gallery Information Committee, she also volunteers on the Interpretive Programs Volunteer (IPV) Committee. She gives her time to the Children’s Center and is chairman of the Volunteer Services Committee, as well. At her church, she is on the Parish Council and is a lector and eucharistic minister. Stacey has picked up on that example and is not only at the museum, but is a volunteer with the youth department and a member of the youth council at her church. In addition, Stacey recently received her bachelor’s degree in science from Central Michigan University.

 It is hard to tell mother from daughter sometimes, because they not only share being related but also a special youthful exuberance, vitality, and respect for volunteering. The DIA Volunteer Council is lucky to have them. We do appreciate their loyalty.

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